Automotive Body Parts Blanking Company VM Automotive

VM Automotive

Automotive Body Parts Blanking Company

VM Automotive is a specialist materials company that provides world class blanking service in aluminium and steel to the automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). The automotive blanking service we offer to the OEM’s covers a broad spectrum (shaped), as per the client’s model requirements while optimising volumes and greater efficiencies in the logistics value chain.

We are a 100% black empowered company that plays a significant role in the automotive industrial value chain by ensuring that aluminium and steel body parts are supplied in an efficient and cost-effective way to the OEM.

Details of the VM Automotive factory are as follows:

  • The core of the blanking facility is a SIMPAC blanking line which has been upgraded to be able to process both aluminium and steel parts.
  • The capacity of a conventional blanking plant is based on the number of strokes that can be done per shift or day. Each stroke represents the manufacture of one blank.
  • The current capacity is 30,000 strokes per day working 3 shifts per day.
  • The plant is modular in nature, thereby allowing for future expansion.
  • The plant is currently supplying both aluminium and steel parts for the BMW G01 contract (the X-series) and to MBSA W205 (the C-class).

Technical Assistance

To ensure proper support and ability to provide our clients with the best services, and in accordance with the acquisition agreement, VM Automotive also contracted MATD as well as its international shareholder, CLN Holdings, to provide it with technical and services support for the next 5-years.