Company News: John Cerff Departs, Niki Joins the Team


Mr. John Cerff has resigned his CFO position at VM Automotive effective from 31 January 2023. He has since been replaced by Ms. Nikeziwe Biyela who has been appointed as the Acting CFO. Ms. Biyela joined VM Automotive in 2021 and has been holding the position of Finance Manager.

Mr. Cerff has migrated to Germany. However, VM Automotive is retaining his services on a contractual basis and is serving as the Strategic Advisor until 31 January 2024. Until then, John will be at VM’s disposal on a day-to-day basis 24/7.

From whence VM Automotive acquired its Rosslyn Plant from MATD in 2018, John has been a critical member of its executive authority. He has been a highly influential driving force behind the successful development of this Company into what it is today – “State of the Art”. We are truly grateful to John for his unwavering and unquestioning loyalty to VM Automotive. We are also sincerely thankful to Saskia, his wife, and family for supporting John during the periods when the Company was making all manner of demands to his family time. We wish that John settles well in Germany!

Meanwhile, we welcome Niki to the “hot seat”! We are absolutely confident that she will carry the VM flag flying high! She will get all our support to get the job done.